About BG Hacker Events

I’ve planned a lot of weddings, but I got my start in an unlikely spot. I managed legendary rock club CBGB in its heyday and have produced corporate events for Mercedes Benz, the NBA, HBO, Credit Suisse, and Hugo Boss. Maybe a rock club isn’t such a stretch. There were many situations there that prepared me for the world of weddings and events. Anything could happen and often did. After leaving CBGB, I produced events throughout the U.S. and Europe at five-star resorts for a number of corporations and catered to the executive set, treating them like rock stars. Along the way, I produced film premieres for Lord of the Rings, Elf, and Wedding Crashers, to name a few. For the last several years, I’ve helped couples plan their weddings, which has been more fulfilling than all the corporate events rolled into one.