BG Hacker was by far the most generous, supportive, and understanding person in our entire process. He answered every question, email, and phone call with utmost professionalism and kindness. We absolutely love him!—Krystle C.

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout the entire process. You always accommodated us when we needed you (like the lighting test night, the rehearsal, etc.), which was great. But more importantly, we appreciate how honest and never misleading you were—and the fact that you respected out wishes and made everything happen the way we wanted and not how it was ‘supposed’ to be (which I’ve discovered is a surprising rarity in the wedding world). We can’t thank you enough!—Stephanie G.

I am still amazed that you always wrote back to emails immediately and answered every question without fail on every single occassion. There was never a time that anyone needed something and wasn’t able to get in touch with you, which was just so valuable.—Brad J.

We loved working with you throughout this process. You’ve been so attentive to all the details, and truly so helpful. We simply could not have done this without you.—Jon and Alison S.

I had never before had an event where nothing, not even the smallest thing, went awry. You are amazing, BG. Thank you for the night of our life.—Chris. B.